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Eli Keszler
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March 22, 2024

"A drumset sits on the stage unaccompanied during these concerts. There is naturally an anticipation for a specific kind of music because of this, and at that a music on spec no one really wants to listen to...? I don't even really like drum solos funnily enough..."

LIVE 2 is the second in a series of double albums from solo percussionist Eli Keszler. Side A was recorded at Alice in Copenhagen, Denmark 03/06/2023; Side B at The Jewels of Toyama in Tokyo, Japan 25/05/2023 as part of MODE Festival.

Available on Digital and White Cassette Edition of 100

Digital Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. 1 Copenhagen Part I 5:21 Buy

    Copenhagen Part I

  2. 2 Copenhagen Part II 8:15 Buy

    Copenhagen Part II

  3. 3 Copenhagen Part III 8:49 Buy

    Copenhagen Part III

  4. 4 Copenhagen Part IV 3:19 Buy

    Copenhagen Part IV

  5. 5 Copenhagen Part V 2:02 Buy

    Copenhagen Part V

  6. 6 Copenhagen Part VI 9:40 Buy

    Copenhagen Part VI

  7. 7 Copenhagen Part VII 6:00 Buy

    Copenhagen Part VII

  8. 8 Copenhagen Part VIII 7:29 Buy

    Copenhagen Part VIII

Disc 2

  1. 1 Tokyo Part I 3:17 Buy

    Tokyo Part I

  2. 2 Tokyo Part II 3:59 Buy

    Tokyo Part II

  3. 3 Tokyo Part III 1:40 Buy

    Tokyo Part III

  4. 4 Tokyo Part IV 1:02 Buy

    Tokyo Part IV

  5. 5 Tokyo Part V 5:16 Buy

    Tokyo Part V

  6. 6 Tokyo Part VI 1:58 Buy

    Tokyo Part VI

  7. 7 Tokyo Part VII 1:55 Buy

    Tokyo Part VII

  8. 8 Tokyo Part VIII 2:10 Buy

    Tokyo Part VIII

  9. 9 Tokyo Part IX 3:35 Buy

    Tokyo Part IX

  10. 10 Tokyo Part X 9:12 Buy

    Tokyo Part X

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Eli Keszler

Eli Keszler

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