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To The God Named Dream
Nathan Micay
Catalogue Number
Release Date
4 août 2023
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    320 kbps, LAME encode

    Disponible: 4 août 2023

Nathan Micay presents To The God Named Dream - a haunted library record for the large language age. Expanding his music beyond clubs has proven a revelation for Micay, who has synthesised score work, downtempo and club music into one of the electronic records of the year.

“Jumanji meets Hellraiser" - To The God Named Dream depicts a mystical being ripping though the sleeve. Within the vinyl packaging players will find an original multiplayer board game to accompany the album.

“… a lot of electronic music became very serious and lacked any sense of character. Any sense of humour. I’m often invited to evoke melodrama in my score work and I think this naturally pushed my music towards something altogether different” he continues "... these things are part of me. If you want orthodox Dance Music™ there’s a lot of it out there already. This one is for me”

...This Summer, LUCKYME® & Nathan Micay invite you to roll the dice.

Vinyl & CD include bonus remix by Avalon Emerson

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 My Sweat Dries With The Heat 3:51
  2. 2 You Can’t Win But You Can Lose 3:55
  3. 3 If Wishes Were Fishes We’d All Cast Nets 5:02
  4. 4 Fangs 5:59 Acheter


  5. 5 This Is Killing Your Gainz 3:55
  6. 6 To The God Named Dream 5:59
  7. 7 The Death of FOMO 3:24
  8. 8 Hexagon Of Death 3:50
  9. 9 It’s Recess Everywhere 4:49 Acheter

    It’s Recess Everywhere

  10. 10 When The Centre Doesn’t Move You’re In It’s Path 3:44
  11. 11 Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye 4:01

Nathan Micay

Nathan Micay

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