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Industry OST
Nathan Micay
Catalogue Number
Release Date
4 december 2020

“My catalogue is best known for dance records, but since 2016 I’ve enjoyed quietly extending into score work for friends shorts and a feature. My goal in music has always been to reach for a cinematic quality. Circumstances aligned nicely then, when the title track to ‘Blue Spring’ showed up on the radar of the ‘INDUSTRY’ show runners, who cut a screen test to the track. The timing of everything coincided with a year of cancelled touring and forced attention to working on this score – which is something I’ve greatly enjoyed. It’s been one of the greatest honours to have the confidence of HBO and production company Badwolf behind me, while I chart a road less travelled, in this modern series.”

  • Nathan Micay

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Industry 4:31 Vásárlás


  2. 2 Birth Of A World Killer 2:41 Vásárlás

    Birth Of A World Killer

  3. 3 Winnings 4:11 Vásárlás


  4. 4 He Still Has The Key 2:44 Vásárlás

    He Still Has The Key

  5. 5 Countrie Club Henries 3:05 Vásárlás

    Countrie Club Henries

  6. 6 Cutting A Line at the Tailor 2:22 Vásárlás

    Cutting A Line at the Tailor

  7. 7 Don't Speak to the Press (For My Love) 6:47 Vásárlás

    Don't Speak to the Press (For My Love)

  8. 8 Harper's Morning Pitch 2:23 Vásárlás

    Harper's Morning Pitch

  9. 9 To Me, You're Worthless 4:03 Vásárlás

    To Me, You're Worthless

  10. 10 You're Far Too Young 2:27 Vásárlás

    You're Far Too Young

  11. 11 Funnily Enough I Remember 3:15 Vásárlás

    Funnily Enough I Remember

  12. 12 I Need The Structure 2:33 Vásárlás

    I Need The Structure

  13. 13 Grad Walk 2:14 Vásárlás

    Grad Walk

  14. 14 End Credits (Let's Go Make Some Money) 1:40 Vásárlás

    End Credits (Let's Go Make Some Money)

Nathan Micay

Nathan Micay

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