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Doss makes dance music like a daydream of nights past, equal parts euphoria and ennui. Impressionistic and unforgettable, the songs of the new EP feel like fragments of a memory that Doss reconstructs to create a better future. "Puppy" is the first track: "I had an ex once who called me Puppy, you know what I mean," she says. Some time after breaking up, they met at a party among family and friends; Doss wrote the track on the drive home to Maryland, to the twinkle of lights on the highway.

Now based in New York, Doss first released music with the taste-making label Acephalé (SALEM, Air France), on an EP Pitchfork called “an exploration of the pure joy of sensation.” As a DJ, she built a reputation for her nimble, light-hearted approach to bridging ’10s EDM and ’00s electro with classic trance and dum & bass — never quite serious but always sincere.


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