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Valentines Slow Jams
Hudson Mohawke
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February 14, 2024

Free Download. In the cold February of 2007 an approximately 13 year old Hudson Mohawke looked out his window in Glasgow and considered the impending population disaster of the new century. In this dark night of the soul, the founder of the scottish hip hop forum paced around his beat-dojo pontificating what one boy could do to avert the seemingly innevitable decline of humanity. Taking to his Myspace blog: please anyone... we have to do something! we have to... He stopped. On a second monitor beside him, a youtube in 480p showed D’Angelo’s Voodoo EPK. D’Angelo d’whispered to him. On his bed lay a tattered copy of Loaded magazine. Myleene Klass winked at him. On his Q-bert-signed Technics, a George Benson Oxfam record sensually bounced in the run out groove. His Karl Kani jorts moist with sweat, heavy was the primal call of mana. Ross knew what needed done. The universe decreed and LUCKYME® presented… Hudson Mohawke’s Valentines Slow Jams

Digital Tracklist

  1. 2 Chapter XIII 57:20 Buy

    Chapter XIII

  2. 3 Chapter XII 49:34 Buy

    Chapter XII

  3. 4 Chapter XI 49:34 Buy

    Chapter XI

  4. 5 Chapter X 46:33 Buy

    Chapter X

  5. 6 Chapter IX 44:26 Buy

    Chapter IX

  6. 7 Chapter VIII 41:42 Buy

    Chapter VIII

  7. 8 Chapter VII 45:52 Buy

    Chapter VII

  8. 9 Chapter VI 41:52 Buy

    Chapter VI

  9. 10 Chapter V 43:04 Buy

    Chapter V

  10. 11 Chapter IV 40:28 Buy

    Chapter IV

  11. 12 Chapter III 40:29 Buy

    Chapter III

  12. 13 Chapter II 40:33 Buy

    Chapter II

  13. 14 Chapter I 39:27 Buy

    Chapter I

Hudson Mohawke

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