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The Truth Is
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Cameron Morse
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26 sierpnia 2022

Cameron Morse is a Montreal-based musician whose experiments first created waves as half of Littlebabyangel’s 2015 album Gada - released as a mixtape within an email chain letter. Following a standout remix on Jacques Greene’s Dawn Chorus, his debut ep expresses a political motive behind Cameron’s practice: his music, fashion design, writing and digital painting.

Morse considers The Truth Is part of a years-long project named Anthropocene: a blog and upcycled clothing experiment to challenge fast fashion. Through single editions of garments carrying blunt, factual typographic prints he badges a tiny community of fashion consumers aware of their role in consumption and desire. The work is aggressively direct and aims to create a waypoint for people feeling unable to contribute to the body politic.

The Truth Is employs the stems of todays DIY bedroom producer to express our milieu: catharsis thru hacked poly synth, drum machine, electric guitar and voice. Where ambient music has become synonymous with commerce and productivity, Cameron’s textures tune-out and drop-in suspending themselves in air. Doomer vacuity beyond the body: this stunning record expresses the loss of meaning in the modern world and begs we move together towards our potential future.

“...feels like entering the eye of a hurricane” — Pitchfork review of GADA

Lista utworów

  1. 1 The Fifty 6:42 Kup

    The Fifty

  2. 2 Richest Men 3:07 Kup

    Richest Men

  3. 3 Decide Every Second 3:32 Kup

    Decide Every Second

  4. 4 Each Day 2:37 Kup

    Each Day

  5. 5 That You 5:45 Kup

    That You

  6. 6 Should Starve 4:42 Kup

    Should Starve

  7. 7 And Slave 2:05 Kup

    And Slave

  8. 8 And Burn 3:42 Kup

    And Burn

Cameron Morse

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