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Songs of Vienna
Cid Rim
Catalogue Number
Release Date
15 oktober 2021


CID RIM relocated to London following the buzz around his debut album Material, and started work on Songs of Vienna between pop writing sessions. Where his previous records were instrumental, this new music intuitively prompted vocals. Working fast, CID RIM’ whips up kosmische, choral pop, beats and club-ready dance music to create something fluid and alive. His lyrics hint toward Vienna’s privileged place in the world: a safe haven for the European Project in the growing shadow of populism. It was only here in this imperial jewel, rich with history and culture, that CID RIM and his friends could pack out these parties and forge their hyper-specific forward-thinking club scene. While the Earth heats beneath our feet many look for comfort in music that’s safe, neat and easy to categorise. But on this post-postmodern masterpiece, CID RIM takes everything he’s into and leaps forward, creating the new psychedelic pop our time deserves. LUCKYME® present... Songs of Vienna.

Digitale afspeellijst

  1. 1 Paul's 6:30 Kopen
  2. 2 Purgatory 3:18 Kopen
  3. 3 Friday 3:19 Kopen
  4. 4 Last Snow 3:07 Kopen
  5. 5 Rain 2:36 Kopen
  6. 6 Get Up 2:43 Kopen
  7. 7 The Marrow 5:48 Kopen
  8. 8 We Drums Two 2:09 Kopen

    We Drums Two

  9. 9 Too Long 3:26 Kopen
  10. 10 Polarizer 3:47 Kopen
  11. 11 Blame 4:45 Kopen

Cid Rim

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Cid Rim

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