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Dawn Chorus
Jacques Greene
Catalogue Number
Release Date
18 Oktober 2019

A bold step forward, Dawn Chorus is also Greene’s most collaborative project to date, featuring additional production and instrumentation from film composer Brian Reitzell (Lost In Translation), cello by London’s Oliver Coates, additional production from Clams Casino and original vocal contributions from ambient artist Julianna Barwick, rapper Cadence Weapon and singers Ebhoni and Rochelle Jordan, all sampled, processed and stitched back into the album.

The Album is available on Limited Edition Clear Vinyl (Exclusive to LuckyMe and Rough Trade), Standard Black Vinyl, CD and Digital Formats

Brand New Limited Purple Vinyl Repress Shipping Now

Artwork by Hassan Rahim

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Serenity 3:53 Kaufen
  2. 2 Drop Location 2:49 Kaufen

    Drop Location

  3. 3 Do It Without You 3:32 Kaufen

    Do It Without You

  4. 4 Night Service 4:29 Kaufen

    Night Service

  5. 5 Sel 3:16 Kaufen
  6. 6 Let Go 4:17 Kaufen
  7. 7 For Love 5:40 Kaufen
  8. 8 Sibling 4:24 Kaufen
  9. 9 Whenever 3:19 Kaufen
  10. 10 Understand 2:50 Kaufen


  11. 11 Distance 2:44 Kaufen
  12. 12 Stars 6:49 Kaufen

Jacques Greene

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Jacques Greene

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