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Snake Hood
Nikki Nair
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 5, 2024

"The snake has been a very important part of my life. The ethnic group that my family is a part of worships snakes, and there is a mythology of the Nairs being descended from them. In the west they are usually a symbol of evil-- like in the Bible. But for me, they feel like a symbol of my life-force-- and growing up around Christian churches in a very Christian area, I always identified with the snake from the adam and eve story and felt like the snake was the protagonist. I wanted this record to be more personal than my previous work. The tracks are all still pretty functional for DJing and stuff, because that's a big part of me, but I think they also let through a lot of my own anger, frustration, confusion and joy."

Hand Screened in the UK

Nikki Nair

Nikki Nair

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