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Harrison Baauer Rodrigues is half Portugese / half Jewish and grew up between London, Philly & New York. He started sneaking into clubs at thirteen, and creating his own interpretation of sample-based dance music from around the globe. As a late-teen he interned at New York’s Trouble & Bass label. He gained global notoriety when his song ‘Harlem Shake’ exploded as a YouTube viral, changing the chart rules to become the first viral song to top the Billboard Chart. With the fame it brought him, Harry has headlined festivals across the world but has continued to evolve as a producer and DJ, creating new strands of sample-based music stitched from found sound recordings. With his long association to the renowned UK label LUCKYME® - he has released several eps, singles and albums, working with artists as diverse as Azealia Banks, Jay Z, AJ Tracey, Jennifer Lawrence, Lil Miquela, Rico Nasty, Kenny Beats, Skepta, Femi Kuti, Future, Balming Tiger, Pusha T, G-Dragon, Novelist, M.I.A, Joji & Tirzah. Baauer’s collaborated with some of the best Directors of his generation, from Hiro Murai to Jonathan Zawada to Jesse Kanda to Nabil. He announces his debut album on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In 2021, his second album ‘Planet's Mad’ was nominated for Best Dance / Electronic Album at The GRAMMYS®. Since then, Harry has been mostly been online, although he occasionally DJs around the world. He released a string of bombastic dance singles whose videos seamingly show two “Baauers”: one suited, slick, a superstar DJ... While a more humble “Harry” carries a boom mic around the streets of New York, searching for sound ︎


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