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Rustie, aka Glasgow’s Russell Whyte, needs little introduction. As the trailblazing producer Rustie, he's known for some of the most joyous, hyperactive, and truly original club music of recent years. He harnesses the energy and euphoria of hip-hop and trance, spikes it with speaker-mangling bass and flashes of techno; channeling it all into intense dancefloor detonators.

Released to universal, critical acclaim on Warp in 2011, Rustie’s debut album, Glass Swords, won the Guardian’s prestigious First Album award and was widely celebrated for its meditation on everything from grime and hip-hop to sci-fi computer games and even prog rock. "When Rustie dropped Glass Swords, it was one of the most thrilling electronic albums of the decade." - Rolling Stone

With the release of his 2014 follow-up, Green Language, he undoubtedly created his own electronic vocabulary, one that ducks and dives and swoops, never sticking faithfully to just one genre and pulling you along breathlessly with it. “Part of Rustie's genius (on Green Language) is the way he spun so many sounds and ideas into a bright, high-energy electro-funk whose central contradiction—brittle in sound, pliant in structure—turned out to be visionary." - Pitchfork

November 2015 saw Rustie surprise fans with the unannounced release of his newest LP, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, released once again on Warp Records. "I want to join the cult of Rustie... On his new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, the electronic producer has created a secular gospel. Is it possible to download someone’s consciousness as an album? I don't know if I believe in that. But I believe in Rustie." - The Fader


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